Palinstar is a parallel universe, planet, and self-heroine all at once. Behind the name lies a distinguished multi-instrumentalist who has toured globally with Boytoy, supported Caroline Rose, and performed at KEXP with Kush K. Now, she finally presents her artistic vision: gay stuff, Emotional Jetlag, Heart Rock as a refuge. Or a blend of grand Americana melodies with simple lyrics, inspired by Lana Del Rey as well as Nirvana. Additionally, it's shaped by Swiss heritage and a deep, sensual voice akin to Angel Olsen and Feist. The specially invented language «Spenglish» forms the core of this «Mouthart». Sound that motivates towards self-empowerment and self-care while activating the emotional process. Even when Palinstar nerds out on Star Wars, attends dog shows, or reveres the twang of her single-coil guitars. Epiphone Melody Maker ftw!