Pina Palau

Pina Palau has always shown an interest in unvarnished humanity – the motives, emotions and stories that shape our lives. This fascination prompted her to pursue a medical degree with the goal of becoming a psychiatrist specializing in the complexity of the human psyche. This plan had to be temporarily set aside however when she was in the process of crafting her debut album, «Illusion,» which featured the hit single «Jupi.» Before she knew it, the Swiss artist found herself behind the wheel of her tour bus, travelling through Europe instead of sitting in the psychiatrist's chair.

She has supported the likes such as Courtney Barnett and Alex Lahey and has graced lineups at prestigious events like the Reeperbahn Festival and the Montreux Jazz Festival. By her side she has a magnificent band intertwining dark, fuzzy guitars, melodic bass lines, and a drum set as dry as Pina Palau’s humor. In early 2024, her second record, «Get A Dog,» was released via Mouthwatering Records (Black Sea Dahu, To Athena). For this album, she drew inspiration from notable figures like Adrienne Lenker (Big Thief), Julia Jacklin, Phoebe Bridgers, Joan Baez, and Patti Smith. Staying true to her style, Pina Palau examines history of everyday life with the same enthusiasm that drove her studies of the cardiovascular system and inflammatory mediators. Consistently following the earnest desire to comprehend the true essence of human nature. It's as simple as that, isn't it?

Booking:Young & Aspiring,
Oha Music, (Germany)