With their 2014 debut EP „Videos“, TRUE entered the Swiss music scene with a bang. Singer Daniela Sarda and drummer/producer Rico Baumann established their trademark sound by combining electronic pop with left-field R&B. At a time when visibility on the Internet and search engine positioning is key to a band's success, the group remains utterly ungoogleable and completely un-phased by this state of affairs.

The reason for this might be the fact that their first singles were immediately picked up by BBC on-air personalities such as Huw Stephens and Lauren Laverne. MTV and Viva have been putting their videos on spin in continental Europe and heatseeking blogs from the USA, South America and Asia supported every single track the band has ever released. In roughly one year's time TRUE had positioned themselves as one of Switzerland's key electronica exports.

In 2016 TRUE released their debut album „Wrapped in Air“ to rave reviews. The German pop magazine Intro described it as „ both hip and timeless at once, synthetic on the outside yet deeply emotional at the core“, while several Swiss radio stations and newspapers included it in their yearly best-of lists.

Following the album’s release, TRUE extended their live band to a trio, adding Martina Berther (Sophie Hunger, Ester Poly) on bass for their tour. TRUE has played numerous big festivals (Zurich Openair, St Gallen Openair) as well as artsy underground clubs and were rewarded with the Swiss Live Talent Award for Best Live Act.

In 2018 the band took some time off from performing live to work on their new album „Made Of Glass“, which will be released in November 2019 onMouthwatering Records.

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