Evelinn Trouble — Season Indicators

Evelinn Trouble releases her sixth album «Season Indicators»


About the album: 


Initially, Evelinn Trouble just wanted to make some space on her harddrive, but the undertaking sparked a creation-process that led to her sixth full-length album. Since August 2023, the singer has been releasing a new song every six weeks, the restless pace forcing her to face and wrestle her inner perfectionist: «I could spend years on a song, chasing its perfect form. With the regular deadlines on Season Indicators I've had to learn to let go and trust my songs, no matter their current state.» The trust-exercise has led to an eclectic new sound: the album seems wilder, more playful and less conceptual than its award-winning predecessor «Longing Fever». But also on her sixth studio album, Trouble does what her fans love her for: using her voice as a conductor of emotions to electrify her listeners, contrasting genres as she pleases and conjuring up worlds in three minutes, that other artists use an album length for. Does she ever take a break? Trouble says she's already entered her next cycle of creation. «This album has radically changed the way I work as a producer. I don't overthink as much and it's more fun. So I don't wanna leave the studio anytime soon». But she will have to, at least for her album-release-show, where she will perform the «Season Indicators» in duo with the multi-instrumentalist Mario Hänni and guests on two exclusive nights at Waxy Bar Zurich. A little celebration for a personal landmark, before she dissappears into the studio again.


Albumtaufe «Season Indicators»


21.6.2024 Waxy Bar / Zürich (seated concert)

22.6.2024 Waxy Bar / Zürich (seated concert)



About the songs:


The album «Season Indicators» is a wild mix of the many facets of Evelinn Trouble's music. The euphoric «Jamais» - her first song in french and written for a film, sounds like she entered a time-machine and landed herself in the 60ies. The grunge-anthem «Started A Fire» features Trouble's dark, iconic guitar-sound and will appear in the swiss hit-series «Tschugger» in the fall of 2024. A big highlight is the duet with the singer Dino Brandão on the eerie «Reconsider». In the studio, the two are neighbours and work door to door, on this song they are playful singing partners and lure their listeners into a psychedelic soundworld that's slowly escalating, like a neon caleidoscope gone rogue.

The fragile ballad «My Eyes Are Windows» is a heartwarming ode to solitude and will appear in the french rom-com «Les histoires d'amour de Liv. S». Even the superstar Faber lends his exceptional voice to Trouble's music in the cool, charged, slow-grooving «Self-Pity Man». Surprisingly singing in English for the first time and pleading to the «Self-Pity Man» to get up and seek help. «Needy Woman», another song that reflects on the downsides of heteronormativity and binary gender roles, seems like its counterpart and has found many listeners since it's first release. The album holds many emotional, cathartic little gems of songs like the slow-building «Walls», the entrancing «What A Feeling» or the abrasive anti-war anthem «Dark Times (To Those Born After)», that Trouble wrote in hommage to the famous poem of the same name by playwright Bertolt Brecht. Eclectic and playful, unpredictable like the seasons in a world of climate change: «Season Indicators» is Evelinn Trouble at her wildest.

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