Eclecta — Magnolia

In “Magnolia” Marena Whitcher and Andrina Bollinger portray the cycle and interplay of life and death, decay and blooming, digging in the earth, burying the dead, the call and response of nature. In their narrative, choral and clear, we teeter on the brink of losing Eclecta, as they seem to float away, out of the world into which they have cast themselves with all parts of their bodies, right down to the tips of their extremities. And then comes the retraction, away from the beat, releasing voices that expand and fill the vacuum left by grief. Moving through the doors Eclecta open for us, we are bid a farewell that also announces a new beginning: the Magnolia’s fresh blossoms.


“Magnolia, Magnolia

The wind was wise, the wind was wise

It taught me life, it taught me death

It took my mother’s final breath”

Label:Turbo Music
Promotion:Mouthwatering Records,
Booking:TOURBOmusic, (CH & international)
Handshake Booking, (DE)