Eclecta — Perfect Pictures

When light strikes metal foil, the reflecting surface throws it back. In "Perfect Pictures" Andrina Bollinger and Marena Whitcher use mirroring techniques musically.

Like shafts of light, they project themselves onto the surface of social expectations, bouncing back with unexpected versions of themselves. 

Deliberately including recording errors and electronically misappropriated natural sounds, their manipulation of our musical perception exposes the secret flaws hidden in apparent perfection.  Through this process of refraction, pictures are no longer perfect; they take on a texture that mirrors back more nuanced sensations. If this sounds potentially disturbing or unpleasant, rest assured that Eclecta’s voices tuck us into a warm blanket that comforts us into an enjoyment of their bewildering rhythmic inventions.  


«Go, try

Open other doors to

To look behind

Go, try

Oh complexity can

Be so confusing»

Label:Turbo Music
Promotion:Mouthwatering Records,
Booking:TOURBOmusic, (CH & international)
Handshake Booking, (DE)