Nadja Zela — Back to God's Country

Back to God’s Country is the first single release of songwriter and guitarist Nadja Zela’s upcoming album Greetings to Andromeda – Requiem. After the sudden death of her husband, she devoted herself to a rock music adaption of the classical requiem.

In the outstandingly captivating album full of loving spirits and comfort as well as brutal truth about loss, the song is a part of the section »Dies Irae«. The deepest moment of grief, when things can’t get worse and you actually want to leave the world as well is strongly expressed in the lyrics of the song – like a holy wish to follow the deceased. Then again the dynamic of the band transports an extremely vital energy which leads the singer into an expression of surviving with longing for the world that is symbolically described as »God’s Country«.

Label:Patient Records
Promotion:Mouthwatering Records, (Online Marketing)