OY — World Wide We

OY’s fourth album “World Wide We” is the uplifting soundtrack of our most challenging times.

After much anticipation and delivering a number of well-acclaimed long-length projects, the avant-pop Berlin based duo OY release their fourth opus, “World Wide We” on 03 March 2023 via Mouthwatering Records.

“World Wide We” marks the return of OY with a new body of sound sprinkled in vibrant colours, weaves a rich fabric of emotions that will resonate across generations. The album contains 15 tracks of magnetic sounds blowing a wind of change for a more blissful vision of humankind. Upon release, their first single “Place des Clichés” set the tone for a meditative and cinematic assortment of sounds. Producer Melodydreamer’s soundscape of quick-hitting electric rhythms lay the ground for Joy Frempong’s meaningful lyrics and memorable hooks. The velvety texture of the singer’s vocals feels comforting; a gentle reminder that outside of Place des Clichés, is a place free of judgment. A call for action becomes a leitmotiv throughout the album, with moments of tension and release, a duality found in “Now Be the Time”. Raw and honest, the track strikes the perfect balance between levity and gravity as the song touches on the exploited wealth of nations in the Global South. The social commentary in the lyrics is as thought-provoking as ever. Joy Frempong's warm, deep voice cries out for better times bouncing on an upbeat dancehall groove - bringing attention to societal issues while leaving listeners with a message of optimism.

Another gem unearthed from the roots of the duo’s creative minds is “Common Ground”. Perhaps one of the most dancey tracks. The vocals culminate in harmony towards a freeing sentiment. Light, bouncy, and upbeat, it is hard not to stomp your feet to the sound of liberation. After many samples of truth scattered in the first few tracks, this single is a welcomed invitation to let loose and set free. A longing for freedom keeps returning as we listen. “One on the Row” opens up with warm ambient symphonies. The song, emboldened by collective consciousness, echoes the worldwide plight of Black communities against state violence and systemic racism. While mourning the griefs of the past and the present, OY casts glimpses of hope in a daring recital of loud and lively dub poetry bouncing off a bass trap. Just like that, the attention shifts towards what matters: Black lives. In a ceremonial dance of layered beats and textured synths, the song blazes up the fire of liberation and collective healing. “World Wide We” is an amalgam of electrifying vignettes of realities that will make you smile, frown, sympathise, hold your breath and be enlivened from one track to the other. The emotional fog of lyrical honesty is lifted by sunny instrumentals that lead the track and its message towards brighter days. As the sonic journey ends, Joy announces at last “We are called to assist the Earth to heal her wounds and in the process heal our own” (*Wangari Maathai)

Label:Mouthwatering Records
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