Andrina Bollinger — Hi Again

Do you know the unpleasant feeling of emotional explosion in your stomach if something or someone negative reappears after years of absence? Andrina Bollinger greets this experience, this person, with a laconic and at the same time purely soulful «Hi Again», strengthened by her own will to constant change: «In the best case, I don’t want to be the same person tomorrow as I am today», she explains. “I know I’ve changed so much, I became the “future self” I pictured myself once and I know, this person or feeling can’t take away anything from me anymore.”

The setting of these thoughts forms a ballad with wide reverb guitars and harmony chorales, drawing comparison to artists such as Agnes Obel or Angel Olsen.

Single No. 2 from the upcoming debut album «Secret Seed» drifts like the flow of time, healing wounds while strengthening the future self through constant positive change: so today’s negativity can’t take away anything anymore tomorrow.

Publishing:Mouthwatering Records