Black Sea Dahu — In Case I Fall for You

There’s a scene in Luc Besson’s 80s classic flick, Le Grand Bleu, where Jacque, the main character, is lying in his bed hallucinating as a result of extreme pressure-shock (from diving and the unbearable demands of everyday life). As he’s staring up at the ceiling, it turns into a rolling carpet of glistening, amethyst blue waves – actual waves, not a projection! By the end of the scene the whole room is filled with water and he’s left drowning in it. This is what it feels like to listen to In Case I Fall for You, the debut single from Zurich-based group Black Sea Dahu. 

In Case I Fall For You starts out like any typical guitar and vocals driven singer-songwriter tune – of the confessional, complicated love trope. The difference being, that Janine  – vocalist, guitarist, bandleader and composer – sounds so brutally candid and her playing is so effortless; it’s like she’s pouring her heart out into a brittle clay tea cup and serving it directly to you. But as the song progresses and unravels, the arrangement swells – with the whole band joining in, gradually – and eventually crescendos with a furious, epic resolution, one encapsulating one hundred and one shades of heartbreak, carefully seasoned with caustic irony. Needless to say, as a listener, you find yourself drowning in this cogent brew. This is the stuff that great blues is made of! Stylistically, however, what we have here is something that might still possess traces of a distinctly American twang to it, but that was transmuted and distilled into an urban, present-day sound, one that is just so distinctly Black Sea Dahu.

The band will drop their debut LP entitled White Creatures on October 12th.

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