Black Sea Dahu — No Fire in the Sand Instrumental

Indie-folk outfit Black Sea Dahu releases the instrumental version of their critically acclaimed EP "No Fire in the Sand".

The EP was recorded in the same remote studio located in gorgeous Giske, Norway. The arrangements are vigorous and layered, emotionally this material is direct and revealing. All songs were recorded live. The instruments and the main voice are playing at the same time. Therefore, you can hear one instrument on several microphones and a little bit of the main voice in the background of these instrumentals. But when you sing over these instrumentals while you're standing in the shower, you definitely won ‘t mind.

Label:Black Sea Dahu
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records
Promotion:Mouthwatering Records,
Management:Mouthwatering Records, (World)
Booking:Golden Ticket, (Germany / Austria)
Cabin Artists, (EU/UK (Except GSA)
Orange Peel Agency, (Switzerland)