Black Sea Dahu — No Fire in the Sand

Drowning can also be a form of surrender. You choose to wade deeper into the water and, with this, you also allow the waves to consume you – submitting to their forceful tenacity with your entire being. Because there is nothing awaiting you back on the shore! No Fire in the Sand, the follow EP to Black Sea Dahu’s critically acclaimed debut full-length White Creatures, is about this type of submission. This is post-relationship deep-water type of trauma painted and examined with pointillist type poetic accuracy. The material ebbs and flows between expressions of denial, guilt, anger, anguish and self-pity. But the ability, the will and the drive to speak on these agonising truths is also strangely empowering.


Like its predecessor, No Fire in the Sand was recorded in the same remote studio located in gorgeous Giske, Norway. It was also produced and engineered by Gavin Gardiner of Wooden Sky. Musically, it’s still rooted in that raw, impassioned urban folk of White Creatures, but overall it’s just more intense. A shade darker and deeper. Some songs more explosive. And although, the arrangements remain vigorous and layered, emotionally this material is even more direct and revealing. And it demands complete submission.

Publishing:Mouthwatering Records
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Booking:Golden Ticket, (Germany / Austria)
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