Dubokaj — Mountainwater (OXIDIX Remix)

Dubokaj & Lee „Scratch“ Perry

„When I heard Dubokaj's track "Mountainwater" with Lee Scratch Perry for the first time, I was incredibly flashed. Especially the recurring synths together with Lee Perry's mystical voice inspired me. The fact that I have now been given the opportunity to remix it myself is a great honor for me and fills me with pride. In my version, I increased the tempo by almost 20 bpm and created an OXIDIX typical shamanic vibe around Lee Perry's vocals.

The result is a warm and organic downtempo track, which is accompanied by a self-recorded original Hang from Bern (handpan). The flow is only interrupted by Lee's door-slamming, which briefly takes you out of the dreamy trip back into reality.

In my dream Lee "Scratch" Perry sits down cozily in a big red armchair to listen to the remix, he lights a magic candle and smokes a nice spliff, before he closes his eyes and gives himself fully to the journey.”


Swiss-based Mouthwatering Records in a partnership with Transylvanian-based The Sound of Art to Come platform and label proudly present Dubokaj & Lee Scratch Perry's fourth remix off the Daydreamflix album – Mountainwater.

Mountainwater was the debut single from the Daydreamflix LP. The song begins with an Lee $cratch Perry shoutout to the record label Dubokaj co-founded and where he releases his albums, Mouthwatering Records misspelling it Mountainwater Records.

Great poetry, to begin with! OXIDIX takes the Alpine Dub anthem into an electrorganica dimension where the ambiental quality of the song is enhanced and you feel like you are tuning in to the sound of a waterfall that is blasting colorful synth waves. The field recordings that capture the sound of the secret Swiss Mountains Laboratory door slamming and the journey from the virtual realm into reality are accentuated and you enter a dream-like state.

The synth riffs on Mountainwater that acted like doorways are now water ripples pushing colored music of the spheres: they soundtrack the nature in the Swiss mountains, and the space inside our heads.

Label:The Sound of Art to Come
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records
Management:Mouthwatering Records, (World)
Booking:Mouthwatering Records, (World)