Elio Ricca — Luna Park

The gates have opened, the time has come. Welcome to Elio Ricca’s «Luna Park». Eight attractions are waiting for you, each one’s a small world of its own. All of them completely unpredictable. Once you’re in, there’s no turning back. Elio Ricca are the two joyride inventors, and they’ve explored the mechanisms long enough to know the exact combination of heights, depths, turnarounds, mirrors, lights, and kicks to make the adrenaline rush through your body exactly the way it needs to get you high. High on music.

Each one of the eight songs on «Luna Park» is surprisingly different from one another, showing a wide spectrum of Elio Ricca’s musicality. There are nitroglycerine-soaked bangers like «Rainbow», «Fomo», and «Mind over Matter», flamboyant psychedelic anthems like «Mozart» or «Saaay» and bittersweet melancholy-drenched ballads like «24/7» and «Luna Park». The ingredients are simple: groovy drum beats, catchy guitar riffs, Elio’s incorruptible voice, and that little bit of synth magic. There are no boundaries of any kind, anything can happen at anytime. That’s what makes it so special. «Luna Park» is an explosion of thrills, fireworks and adrenaline rush.

The band recorded and produced the entire album on their own, using many cheap but well-chosen analog ingredients and very unorthodox recording techniques. „The songs were all written during the first lockdown of the pandemic. I got to a point where I was really struggling with just not being bored by myself both as an artist and a person. When I finally found a way to free myself up, it all flowed out of me in a short amount of time, I literally just had to hold a microphone in front of it. I had so much fun, it felt like being little kid again who visits a Luna Park for the first time. In the songs, I lyrically deal with some of the personal issues I was going through at the time, like never knowing when to stop in «Fomo», accepting myself for who I am in «Saaay», breaking up with someone I loved for so long in «Luna Park», or missing someone so much it hurts in «24/7». I also learned to really give a fuck for the first time during that period, and I’m really proud of that. Especially on «Krust», «Mozart» or «Mind Over Matter», it felt so good to make fun of myself and my thoughts. I've never really been able to put that on record before. This is why I’m especially proud and excited to finally release «Luna Park».“

Label:Mouthwatering Records
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records
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