Evelinn Trouble — Just Wanna Vibe

«Just Wanna Vibe» is the third single of upcoming album «Longing Fever» by singer-songwriter and producer Evelinn Trouble. This new song is an outgoing, explosive, eccentric tune that doesn’t take itself too seriously. An old-timey acapella intro is soon crushed by a distorted shuffle beat, as Trouble goes on to create a scenario of two lovers caught in a cat-and-mouse-game. „I don’t wanna meet ur parents, I don’t wanna know what starsign u are, I just wanna vibe“ - Trouble impishly states, as the song comes to halt in a joyful concoction of little flying synth notes, waggly percussion and shining hook lines.

Label:Evelinn Trouble
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records
Promotion:Mouthwatering Records,
Booking:Le R., (CH)