Kejnu — Utter Delight

Releasedate 30.09.2022

«Utter Delight» is the first record of Nuél Schoch’s new life, in which he now sees the world through a father’s eyes. Deeply impressed by the sheer inconceivability of becoming and the clumsy genius of growth, Nuél stacks the soundscapes and beats of his fifth record with childly delight. Kejnu’s latest release bubbles unlike any record before.

In «Utter Delight,» Kejnu strays deep into a sensitive, introspective world, home to but one condition: transience. And because nothing is permanent, nothing can be lost. While earlier Kejnu records featured solemn compositions and somber arrangements, «Utter Delight» is an unpredictable chain reaction, an undamped evolution obeying one simple law: no repetition without variation. Like the cosmos in timelapse.

Kejnu’s last album and last concerts lie eight years behind us. «Utter Delight» seamlessly continues the musical vision of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nuél Schoch. Everything about this comeback is distinctively Kejnu: spiry and wondrous, packed with contradictions, yet entirely Zen.

Label:Mouthwatering Records
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records
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