Lapcat — Nebraska (Club Edit)

The intercontinental (Swiss-American) trio know as Lapcat just released its third and most ambitious full length record to date. She's Bad negotiates a beautiful balance between high class, European electronica and the earth tinged songs of the Southern United States (think Howlin or RY-X). Worth noting that Chicago, a song the band chose to leak directly to Spotify pre-release, is already clocking at over 100 thousand plays, while the premiere of the album was recently picked up by Consequence of Sound. Production nerds should know that very few plug-ins and virtual instruments were used while recording this piece. Most of She's Bad was played live (guitars, synths), sampled or programmed on hardware machines. This is why this record breathes and feels so warm, familiar and uninhibited, and because nothing was forced – the music just flowed.

To follow up the release, and give something to the DJs, the band created a set of hypnotic, dance floor friendly edits. Capricorn and Lavender will be shared directly to DJs in the first line, while Nebraska will be made available after XLR8R premieres it on the 13th of December. Expect challenging, intelligent, polished hard hitters.

Label:Mouthwatering Records
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records
Promotion:Mouthwatering Records,