Laskaar — Never Met You


"Never Met You", Laskaar's debut EP, is a violently visceral take on the intricacies of love and relationships. It's a vivid, personal account of what it means to inhale another human being into your very core, and also what happens when the affect/effect is so deep and fundamental that it practically alters your DNA. It's timeless Soul Music cut from a modern clothstuttering cardiac box like caffeinated kicks, bright, screaming synths, thick production and all.

The songs on this EP cover the pivotal stages of a relationship with extreme poetic clarity, from the electric, telepathic, sexually charged beginning ("DNA") all the way through the various shades of self doubt and suffering post break up ("Echo" and "Never Met You"). The emotions channeled here are savagely raw and piercing, the sound electronic, yet ethereal and the rendition so graphic that you know that you must be dealing with a songwriter-performer who truly owns his craft.

"Never Met You" is modern, mature Pop music drenched in potent Soul. It's a Sade like celebration of the darker spectrum of human emotions, ocean deep.  And we're quite sure that you'll be hearing more from this mesmeric baritone real soon.

Label:Cntct Recordings / PIAS
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records (World)
Alter K, (France)
Booking:Just Because,