Odd Beholder — Accept Nature

Odd Beholder, the Electronica / Art Pop project from Swiss musician Daniela Weinmann, will release "Accept Nature“ on June 4th, 2021. It's the latest single from the sophomore full- length album "Sunny Bay"!

“Accept Nature” is a song about anxieties caused by unrealistic and, often, meaningless work goals. Weinmann says about the track:

‘The protagonist of the story dreams of leading a life without a constant battle against their own gut. The work environment of the protagonist seems to be the perfect fit for emotionless robots. But a rich inner world and complex feelings are key to a good life. If you are forced to decide between being a functional member of the workforce and fidelity to your feelings, this is going to destroy you in the long run.’

As for the song’s main motifs, she continues:

‚Triggered by a bout of insomnia I noticed that I turn to cute animal videos for comfort. I started to wonder to myself, what is it about animals that feels so soothing? My theory is that pets are cherished for what they are - cute and fluffy in this case - and not for what they do. Subconsciously, I envy them because they don’t have to be a “functional” employee in a capitalist work environment.

In terms of production, Weinmann was looking for a sound that was a median between a band sound and electronic music production. Michael Anklin, a drummer and experimental sound designer, contributed live drums, Weinmann played the electric guitar, Sirup Gagavil (Puts Marie) played some additional guitar lines and Daniel Spindler nailed the bass line. The recordings went through a series of edits and intense processing. Weinmann again:

‘It felt like we made Xerox copies of every track, cut them apart, moved them around and copied them anew - and so on and so forth. It was fun to make the song a real Sinnbus collab – since the producer Douglas Greed is also signed to Sinnbus the label with his band Yeah But No. And Daniel is one of the label heads. We invited the boss to play the bass!

Publishing:Mouthwatering Records
Promotion:Mouthwatering Records,
Mouthwatering Records,
Booking:Glad We Met, (CH)
Oha Music, (DE)