Panteon — The Hill (Iini Istako)

The latest release of Indie Artist Panteon called ‘The Hill (Iini Istako)’ was written during her residency at Banff Center of Arts and Creativity (Canada).

Looking outside the studio space with a view of steep and snowy mountain peaks the song was written in less than an hour. One mountain in particular called ‘Sleeping Buffalo’ (in the native Blackfoot tribe called Iini Istako) holds a rumor that it shouldn’t be a place to settle for long because of it’s other worldly energy.

The song plays with the concept of nature and the always moving city life where it feels easy to disconnect from your ‘inner voice’ and just loose focus to everything around you. The chorus line of the song ‘You’re pulling me to the wire and telling me to cover up the fire’ refers to the idea of suppressing instinct and intuition and trading it for a life of seeking constant momentum while loosing the spark inside.


The Cover was done by Italian Illustrator Giovanna Morando

Label:Pancake Assassin
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records
Promotion:Mouthwatering Records,