Talen — Kingston Book

Kingston Book is Talen's debut release, feat. SIZZLA und CUTTY RANKS, with remixes by STEREOTYP and MARKUS KIENZL. Talen is 2 DJ's and 2 Producers based in Winterthur Switzerland. The Vinyl 12" contains Download Codes.

A1 THE VIBES - A SIZZLA TALE (ORIGINAL VERSION) A mighty, yet playful, beat. SIZZLA loved what he heard – and Talen loved what he did on the microphone. The song could not be better named than „the vibes". Rock'n'Roll in a Dancehall costume, or rather vice-versa? Doesn't matter – as long as the vibe is right.

A2 THE VIBES - A SIZZLA TALE (STEREOTYP VERSION) Stefan Moerth a.k.a. STEREOTYP, from Vienna, with a great display of his classical production style: using minimal sounds and a dominant beat, he builds „barefoot", the signature sound of his Crunchtime label. So lose the shoes and rush the dancefloor – it's crunch time, folks!

B1 SNIPER SNIPER – A CUTTY RANKS TALE (ORIGINAL VERSION) On a superficial level, SNIPER SNIPER is a straight-forward Dubstep track – but on a second plane, it shoots from the hip with a yet unknown type of ammunition. On top of that, there is CUTTY RANKS, with his low voice in perfect harmony with the beat. Like an electro attack from the future, or at least the "weapon of choice" for any soundsystem.

B2 SNIPER SNIPER - A CUTTY RANKS TALE (MARKUS KIENZL REMIX) MARKUS KIENZL (Sofa Surfers) translates SNIPER SNIPER into his own language of sound and texture, and – as he alway does – easily manages to bridge dub and club. A terrific remix!

Bonus Versions (Digital only) 5. SNIPER SNIPER - A CUTTY RANKS TALE (ALIEN ENTERTAINMENT REMIX) ALIEN ENTERTAINMENT, the crew from Vienna, is well established in the business, thanks to their Luv Lite Massive venture – and they always wow us with that special dancehall track. Their drum & bass version of SNIPER SNIPER adds a timeless piece of music to the list of TALEN remixes!

6. SNIPER SNIPER – A CUTTY RANKS TALE (DILLON DUG REMIX) An unbelievably playful variant, done by an yet-undiscovered sound tinkerer and friend of the TALEN boys. What can we say: Real underground stuff!

7. SNIPER SNIPER – A CUTTY RANKS TALE (MARKUS KIENZL BONUS REMIX) A bonus remix by MARKUS KIENZL (Sofa Surfers). This time around, he equipped SNIPER SNIPER with a Lamborghini motor. Can he handle the speed? ... A real stomper!

8. THE VIBES – A SIZZLA TALE (ALTERNATE VERSION) A bonus TALEN version of THE VIBES: the blend of Rock'n'Roll and Dancehall refined, and then rolled through the mud one more time. Analogue or digital?... Both of them, so fasten your seatbelts!

Label:Mouthwatering Records
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records