Gaspard Sommer

In the depths of Lake Geneva lies a rare, even unique archetype. Singer, producer, songwriter, the specimen is called Gaspard Sommer and he's been creating remarkable compositions for many years.

He has launched several English-language projects, as well as a first album, in French this time, 'Les Couleurs Pastel', released in 2022. Resolutely pop, the album highlights the wide range of inspirations of the Swiss musician, whose attraction to R&B, soul, French songwriting and rap is obvious.


The latest release is "blaze à trouver", an eclectic collection of seven tracks showcasing the musical diversity of Switzerland: Jeans for Jesus, Meimuna, Lakna, Aslo and Chien Bleu lend their voices for a track.


When he's not working solo, this multitasking artist shares his talent with his fellow creatures, both in the studio and live, nestling behind his keyboards for singer Danitsa's stage shows. He has also worked with Melissa Bon, Elvett, Flèche Love, Robin Girod and Grand Pianoramax.


A range of skills that have enabled Gaspard to play on numerous prestigious stages, including the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Cully Jazz Festival, the MaMA Festival in Paris, and the Label Suisse Festival, to name but a few. Although the nature of the species is not yet clearly defined, researchers agree that there are artistic similarities with other virtuosos, such as Christine & the Queens, OutKast, James Blake, Flavien Berger and Frank Ocean.

Catalyse On Tour, (FR)