Tal Arditi

‘’Jose Gonzales meets Woodkid or Even Keaton Henson... Tal Arditi has leaped up to the top of this list and its magical.’’ - Indie Shuffle

Tal Arditi's story could mention that he's a music prodigy, who completed his guitar studies by the tender age of 18. Or it could be about Tal packing his bags and moving to Berlin with nothing but a guitar. It could be a story about his debut album, released at age 18 and subsequently playing festivals and clubs all over Europe. And yet, all of this only scratches the surface of Tal Arditi's singular obsession with music and sound. 

In 2020, during the pandemic, with no touring in sight or any stage to play on, Tal began to write lyrics and produce his own music. After locking himself in his bedroom for two weeks, Tal emerged with his first EP, "Cross Country". The EP was released in 2022. Tal was immediately signed to Swiss indie label, Mouthwatering Records (home of Black Sea Dahu and a host of other folk and rock acts). 

Tal’s sound lies somewhere between Jose Gonzales, Nick Drake and Tash Sultana, with vocals influenced by Patrick Watson. His evocative lyrics are stripped and bare - detailing his struggles, obsessions, passions and fears. They give us a glimpse into what it means to lose yourself over and over, only to find yourself through music once more. 

Management:Nataly Kab,