Nadja Zela — Brickman

With »Brickman«, songwriter and guitarist Nadja Zela delivers an oppressive premonition of the upcoming concept album "Greetings to Andromeda. Requiem". In the 7-part adaptation based on the classical form, »Brickman« marks the turning point to the »Dies Irae« – in Zela's composition the inner rebellion against death


»Brickman« describes an absolute apathy after the shocking loss of a loved one. Life pretends to take its course, but everything remains in paralysis. The full bottle of wine stays untouched, the clock ticks mercilessly and total isolation surrounds the mourner, who mechanically drags his limbs down the street like bricks. The shortness of breath leads into a grand melodic finale, in which the repressed pain loudly howls to regain its place.

Label:Patient Records
Promotion:Mouthwatering Records,