Tal Arditi — I'm Living Again

"I realised this is what I love doing, and this is the only thing I want to do." - Tal Arditi


The second single from Tal's upcoming EP, "Nothing Is Real" is a tender acoustic track. Influenced by Jimmy Page’s guitar packing, vocally the track is reminiscent of modern indie voices like Jose Gonzales and Patrick Watson.


The song was written the day after Tal went on stage again when the first covid lockdown was lifted. Tal, a seasoned performer who had been on stages since age 13, found the experience of not being able to perform completely catastrophic.


When he found himself on stage again, Tal felt the familiar feeling of his love of performance flooding back. It is this moment which is immortalised and captured in the song. Tal sings, "this is how it feels...to breathe again,” and it is no coincidence that the track is called “I’m Living Again.” 


When writing the guitar part, Tal was initially influenced by Bach. The song took on a life of its own and began to grow in musical complexity. When Tal ended up in the studio, he tried pinning down the Bach-inflected version. Several attempts later, Tal failed to feel any emotional pull towards the song. He tried the simple version. One that was more influenced by Jimmy Page's melodic folk and dissonant guitar picking style. Recorded and performed in one-take, this is the performance that Tal ultimately decided to release and which he felt delivered his message - that he cannot live, or breathe, without performance. 

Label:Mouthwatering Records
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