Ay Wing — Bloodstream

Releasedate: 28.10.22

Ay Wing’s debut album „Bloodstream“ is an immersive dreamscape. Delicate yet powerful vocals plunges the listeners into an intimate and vulnerable world.
The soulful, dreamy songs are about going deep within oneself, into the body, the cells, the bloodstream to face fears and buried emotions.

Ay Wing delivers this journey to come back to herself in a style that’s all her own.

Ay Wing states:
“After experiencing body therapy I realized that I’ve suppressed a lot of emotions over the years which manifested in tensions in my body. By learning to allow myself to feel everything without judgment, channeling these experiences into songs, I could slowly liberate myself from these tensions and understand myself better.“
Ay Wing’s soundscape is inspired by alternative R’n’B, psychedelic synthesizer layers and a beat driven production.

„I was writing songs that I would listen to without thinking in genres or putting myself in a box“.

Label:Mouthwatering Records
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records
Promotion:Mouthwatering Records,
Mouthwatering Records,
Booking:Fuchsbau, (CH)