Marquis Malanga — Beta

Kamikaze make hot blooded, recklessly confident, highly affecting, electronically inflected Pop music.


Their latest release, entitled Beta, is an audacious four song journey through emotionally volatile blends of male-female vocal harmonies, padded with warm flurries of textured analog synth lines and tactile sound design. Lyrically the EP documents an artist's never-ending struggle to beat the mundane with techni-colorful outbursts of imagination. The band describe the EP as a soundtrack to a road movie scripted by Tarantino, directed with Gondry's dreamy sensibility.

The four song opus was penned in its entirety during a chocolate and cheese fueled series of sessions held in a secluded chalet in the Swiss Alps.  It's divided into two parts, the A-Side which represents the band's more introspective songwriting, and the B-Side which mirrors their energetic, epic live shows. Studio nerds will be happy to geek out over the list of analog gear featured on these recordings: the original Korg MS-20, the Juno-60, the Casiotone CT-410V, an MFB, a vintage Zither, a whole bunch of Moogerfoogers, a Crumar Bit-01, and the Korg Polysynth. The EP is supported by an intensely graphic video for the lead-in song, Crestfallen, created by Berlin's own Tokyo Data Collective, which features a rare appearance of an original Messerschmitt.

Kamikaze are Swiss polyglot multi-instrumentalists: Fabio Pinto (synth, guitar, vocals), Claire Huguenin (synth, guitar, vocals), Jeremias Keller (bass, vocals) and Alexandre Maurer (drums, electronics).

Label:Mouthwatering Records (Worldwide)
Cool's Music (South Korea)
Booking:Mouthwatering Records,