Moonchild Sanelly — Dejot - Newtown Chips

In the new single “Newtown Chips” Moonchild Sanelly references the trials and tribulations of relationships and privacy in the digital era - especially as a public figure who features in the tabloids.


The song was written about advice she recently gave to a female friend, advising that if she sends nude selfies or raunchy pics to someone, they’ll likely end up online somewhere, and she’ll be ‘blasted’ / victimised for it when they do. The lyrics also advise that the imagination is the only safe space to store those images.


It’s also a declaration from Moonchild that as a proudly sexual woman, she sees the importance of controlling her own image, and that she wont give anyone the opportunity to exploit her by sending them nudes.


And then there’s the musical middle finger up to the people who have said they her back in the past, only to celebrate misfortune further down the line - “We just gotta watch these streets, yeah they love us, then they hate us… share our horror, then pour their drinks on us"


The song also highlights the important of real experiences instead of digital communication - intimacy in the flesh is the only thing good enough for Moonchild Sanelly.


Newtown Chips was written and recorded in colaboration with Dejot.

This video - edit is taken from his album Uhujano.

Label:Mouthwatering Records (World)
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records (World)
Promotion:Mouthwatering Records, (Switzerland)
Management:BAND OF WOLVES, (World)
Booking:DIAPAZONA, (Europe)