Barbicop — Electric by Feel!

Barbicop is anxious. Everyone seems to tell her how productive she ought to be. Will what she does ever be enough? Maybe if you lend her your brain, she will find inspiration. This new single released via Mouthwatering Records announces the beginning of a new lore in the Barbicop’s world through a catchy and energizing pop song leaving you eager to plunge into the mysterious Barbicopium universe.

Emerging from scenes between Berlin and Switzerland in late 2022, Barbicop’s first year of releasing and touring left crowds with an intriguing blend of unconventional pop—a fusion of smooth and edgy, mainstream yet quirky, worldly yet ethereal. Her infectious energy, coupled with a close-knit bond with her fellow musicians (her brother and childhood friend) leaves audiences both joyfully moved and pleasantly perplexed.

Label:Mouthwatering Records
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records
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