Tim & Puma Mimi — Dupi Dough

One day, not so long ago, Tim & Puma Mimi received a bizarre email with a request to score an animation movie. It read: "…a crazy lead song required! The movie is about a baker's apprentice who is obsessed with kneading dough and he meets a woman with BIG LOOOONG TITS...“ After reading this Tim & Puma Mimi laughed their asses off, and decided to indulge. The song was created in a single sunny afternoon. Since, the animation – now known as „Ivan’s Need“ – has been traveling the globe collecting awards at film Festivals. The movie is not online yet, which is a good thing, because Tim & Puma Mimi managed to convince the animators to re-edit a series of scenes into a proper music video.
"Dupi Dough" is the lead single from the upcoming (27.01.2017) Tim & Puma Mimi record entitled „Der Die Das“. It's as colorful, quirky and off the wall as a stroll through the candy aisle of a Japanese supermarket. The release also comes with a heavy duty remix from bad boy Kid Schurke. Watch out!

Label:Mouthwatering Records (World)
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Distribution:believedigital (World)
Broken Silence (World)
Godbrain (Switzerland)
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Mouthwatering Records, (Switzerland)
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