Andrina Bollinger — Denial

Denial’, the latest single from avant-pop singer-songwriter Andrina Bollinger, opens with the words "I WON'T SHUT UP!" Elbows out, push through a gang of resistance - that's the energy. The song is a war cry, a call to arms. It's a reminder to keep things in perspective: your privileges in check and your heart open while you stand up for the things that truly matter - just look around! The world is on fire, literally these days, so falling back on a passive stance is like watching your house burn down to the ground with a bowl of hot-butter popcorn in your lap.

Hypnotic, wrapped up in shimmering guitar and piano melancholy, carried by a beast of a beat, ‘Denial’ is urgency embodied and one hell of a "get your ass involved" mantra. The song features Jules Martinet on bass, Arthur Hnatek on drums and Julian Sartorius on percussion. Andrina played the piano and guitars.

I have some friends who helped build a refugee community center on the island of Lesbos. I supported them as much as I could - I played at fundraising events, donated, and used my platform to get information out on their behalf. I wrote this song when traveling to Lesbos wasn't an option; it was almost impossible, but the situation there had become critical. I couldn't not...

I have a hard time speaking about politics in my songs because I'm aware of my privileged position, but I also know that nothing will ever change if we don't mobilize as a society to implement this change. And I think that it's our duty as artists to raise awareness and fight for the things that matter. If we don't, the noise will drown out the signal. – Andrina Bollinger

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