Dubokaj — Alpine Dub Re Dub

Dubokaj is a name that’s slowly becoming a regular in the Digi-Dub pantheon, appearing alongside Rhythm & Sound, Kevin Martin, the Jahtari Crew, Tour De Force etc. – Brooklyn Radio

2016 was one hell of a year for Dubokaj! His debut LP, Alpine Dub, finally saw the light of day, after years of revisions and obsessive tweaking. The release made a decent splash in the Bass community and introduced the concept of a Swiss inflected Dub sound (Alpine Dub) to the Dub music lexicon. It also led to a conference call with, none other than the godfather of Dub himself, the Upsetter, the one they call Mr. Lee Scratch Perry. A transcript of this conversation was picked up by Electronic Beats Magazine and was published as a key feature. Btw. it’s worth noting that in this piece, the artists discussed a possible collaboration in which they would set up a recording facility up in the Swiss mountains to harness natural echoes for Dubbing purposes. Lets hope this happens soon!

We won’t be disappointed in the mountains because the mountains never let me down. Anything you want, just tell me. Tell it to Dr. Perry and he will help you out. So we’ll go to the mountain and make echoes. We can do whatever we want to do. You can do what you love, and I can do vegetables. Lee Scratch Perry - Electronic Beats

Towards the end of the year, Dubokaj also released a beautiful mini documentary with some serious gear porn inserts, detailing his studio craft and the live, analog dubbing sessions, which were responsible for creating his unique sound. And finally, the man flew out to Johannesburg South Africa and spent ten weeks recording with local artists, collecting field recordings, and performing. On the back of all of this, he decided to start off 2017 by releasing Alpine Dub Re Dub, a record of alternate Dub versions and a slew of unreleased material. This record was curated for the hardcore Bass Music and Dub listeners. There is no middle ground here, no head nod towards crossing over – this is Alpine Dub at its purest. Listening to it feels like a full immersion in bass and echo. It’s a hall of tropically coloured mirrors, a kaleidoscope of sizzling, crackling, rippling sound.

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