Kejnu — Portal

Kejnu's fourth new single "Portal" is a haunting and spherical track that leaves an almost otherworldly feeling. For the first time in the 15-year history of the band led by Zurich songwriter and artist Nuél Schoch, the piano is used as the main instrument. It is accompanied by Schoch's sadly beautiful polyphonic vocals, a metronome-like beatwhirring synthesizers and – also a premiere – church organs. These underpin the eerie and almost spiritual nature of this song. Schoch, primarily a guitarist and singer, prefers to gather his ideas on other instruments in order to leave his usual plateau and venture into strange new worlds of sound. Ultimately, "Portal" itself is also about this. "The key to the portal to a different world" reads a passage in the lyrics. Not only does it refer to the creative process, which Schoch describes as the most bewitching and terrifying thing he knows, it also describes the escape from a dull reality into a brighter, more intense world. The life as a captive between work, society, art and music. Definitely a song for the cold, dark end of the year, when you would like to beam into a better, warmer world.

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