Tim & Puma Mimi — The Adventures of Tim & Puma Mimi Deluxe

In 2003, they bought the first computer and installed Ableton Live 1.5 on it. Tim started with a Kawai K11 synth (a gift for his confirmation) and some beat samples to create new, more cheerful song sketches

The first song Grey Sky was finished after one day and was so convincing, that their touristic activities were cut short (Mimi was in Switzerland for the first time). From now on, they worked on the new songs for several hours every day. After these 10 days, Mimi travelled back to Japan with the idea to stay there for a longer time and no plans for a return to Europe.

Tim had 3 almost finished songs, which he liked better than anything he had produced so far. So he used every usable vocal snippet for remixes, Toy Story Remix made it to the EP, Mimi in Skype with Diamonds was released on a later alpinechic compilation. They had their first Skype conversations that lasted for hours, until Mimi had to prepare something to eat for herself, while Tim would listen, fascinated, to what a kitchen in Tokyo sounds like.

The Grey Sky Remix was never released, its minimalism had always seemed unsettling, but now, as a bonus track, it fits the release very well.

After Party was also released later on an alpinechic compilation, but it had always lacked a guitar. Now, 15 years later, Sachi Takanaga, Mimi's former band colleague in Tokyo, recorded a massive guitar track for it. Come on is a bit younger, it was produced for the 3rd EP in 2007, but got rejected because it was too hard. Amusingly, it turned out to be excellent when playing live. It's also the only song, so far, to which Tim wrote the lyrics.


Yes, so much to look back upon, it was funny to dive into the old hard drives. Unfortunately, the songs had to be remixed, because Tim had mixed them on a cheap stereo system, with the level meters in the dark red area. Dan Suter just creased his forehead and said he couldn't do much more. Now, the songs have been mixed a little more carefully, but hopefully retain an adequately naive snottiness.


The release comes in the formats Tape Deluxe + Digital and Mimi has drawn a comic about the beginning of the band's history.


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