Pressure Drop Soundsystem — Sunny Days / Knok Knok

Gloucester, UK based singer Mr. Melody and MC Rider Shafique work with Pressure Drop on and off since 1997, with guest appearances on several PD releases ever since. As Pressure Drop's Dave Henley and Justin Langlands went their separate ways in 2004, they still perform together under the name of Pressure Drop Soundsystem – usually featuring Mr Melody and Rider Shafique on the Microphone. Justin Langlands aka "Chubby J" is currently producing an album with Melody and Rider for PD's own label One Eye Records.


A1. Sunny Days (Filewile version) 05:17

Written by: M. S. Fishley / M. N.Patterson, Produced by: Malaki, Executive production: Pressure Drop Remix and additional production: Filewile.

A2. Sunny Days (Original version) 03:54 Written by: Martin S. Fishley / Malaki N.Patterson, Produced by: Malaki, Executive production: Pressure Drop

B1. Knok Knok 6:11 Written by: J.Langlands / D.Henley / M. S. Fishley / R. Hunt, Produced by Pressure Drop, Mixed and recorded at pd-on-sea.

Sunny Days: A Beautiful and awfully deep dub steppin' tune with Mr. Melody singing about lost love. This is one of those rare tunes that will be here forever we predict. A tune that makes you feel sad yet warm at the same time. A beautiful voice over Malaki’s heavy dark black beats continuing the legacy of Pressure Drop's "Warrior Sound"- what more could you want?
Sunny Days (Filewile version): What more? - Well, maybe something to shake up the dancefloor? Yes, this is Filewile giving us their account of things dubwise with a totally fresh approach to the classic original tune. Different beat, different bassline, same melody and vocals - this remix rolls along, building up and releasing the pressure by taking the reggae steppa on to a stomping acid style broken-beat-break-down and back again.
Knok Knok: Pressure Drop are masters of taking what seems like a mellow, restrained beat and filling it with an energy that blows you off your feet. An energy that seems to come from some secret sub bass frequency and works wonders in combination with the masterful percussion breaks and stirring melodies. As if this potion isn't lethal enough, on this cut Pressure Drop link with Gloucester's finest, enter Rider Shafique, who's rhyme providing flows with a UK reggae style that is the perfect companion to Mr. Melody’s singing. Together they've created a song that raises the bar very high indeed and shows what's in store for the future of reggae music.

Label:Mouthwatering Records