Bass Sekolah — The Dusun Sessions

a collaboration with Phon.o, Daedelus, Housemeister, Perera Elsewhere, EWOTCO, RQM and Skinnerbox.


all songs available for free on our Bandcamp or as a Mix on Bass Sekolah Soundcloud

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In May of 2008 Cee along with an extended musical family known as Al Haca flies out to
Malaysia to open up for Missy Elliott. Al Haca btw. is the same group that released the seminal Phase Three LP, alongside producer Stereotyp, a producer's record largely responsible for introducing the stripped down Sci-Fi aesthetic to Bass music. Al Haca was a huge success, but after an intense 5 year run the group disbands. A few months later, Cee moves to Kuala Lumpur. He tries to contribute to the progressive Electronica scene with various concept shows and bookings, and eventually becomes Red Bull Music Academy’s Mr X for Malaysia. As the projects gain momentum, matters of the heart redirect his course again. Along with his Malaysian wife and child, he moves to the Berembun jungle, where they manage and promote the Dusun, a homely eco-resort.

In his spare time, Cee manages tours around Asia for affiliated artists and friends, under the banner of Detour Asia. Modeselektor, HVOB, Daedelus, Perera Elsewhere, DJ Vadim instantly sign up for the collaboration, and all of them schedule some extra downtime at the Dusun. The vibrant atmosphere of the jungle and its sonic textures, combined with access to the studio inevitably lead to impromptu sessions. Along the way Cee meets Darren Ashley and together they form Future Soul group Bass Sekolah. With Lighthouse, their first single, they gain recognition from all key Electronica media portals: Okayplayer, Xlr8r, Vice, Complex Media, DataTransmission etc. British Airways also jumps on the band wagon and includes them in their onboard playlist on flights to South East Asia. Even GiorgioArmani signs up to the party, adding their collaboration song with Phon.o to his personal selection of favorites. As the studio sessions at the Dusun continue, Darren also joins in, and eventually the duo realizes that they have a full concept LP on their hands – they call it The Dusun Sessions.

They wanted The Dusun Sessions, to be shared, like all the gifts of the jungle, so it's also been available as a free download. The sessions were presented as both a seamless soundtrack mix and a selection of individual tracks. The mix was created to mimic the soulful jungle experience that Cee now calls home. The selection of tunes covers a broad range of hybrid Electronica – hinting at Techno, Bass, Future R&B, Juke, and even experimental Spoken Word. 

A bit about the sessions in the words of everyone that partook in them.



01    Skinnerbox & Bass Sekolah - Where the rivers...

02    Daedelus & Bass Sekolah - Of rocks and trees

03    Phon.o & Bass Sekolah feat RQM - Don't fade away

04    Trench Dreamer & Bass Sekolah - Burning bridges

05    Bass Sekolah feat Perera Elsewhere - Kolam

06    Housemeister & Bass Sekolah - Die Zirpe und der Frosch

07    Housemeister & Bass Sekolah - Berembun

08    Perera Elsewhere & Bass Sekolah - Polaris

09    Skinnerbox & Bass Sekolah - Geistzeit

10    EWOTCO & Bass Sekolah - Systematically

11     EWOTCO & Bass Sekolah - The cloud maker


The project was made possible by the generous support of the Goethe-Institut.


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Cool's Music (South Korea)
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