Ay Wing — Lift Me Up (23 womxn Live Music Video)

Inspired by the Divine Feminine, 23 talented female artists from the Berlin music, creative & visual worlds gathered together to create a hybrid live music video. The music video was shot at Berlin's Oatmilk Studios earlier this year and featured female artists in the fields of videography and film production, photography, choreography, styling, design, creative direction and many more areas of production. The aim was to create community, connection and solidarity among womxn in the creative scene & showcase emerging female talents.

This video release speaks to a new generation of feminist, empowering the feminine energy present in all of us to shine through. We wish to inspire female associated values such as empathy, sensitivity, sensuality, creativity and more balance between the masculine and feminine cycles of society and individuals, which is why three male artists were also involved in this project.

“Lift Me Up” by Swiss artist Ay Wing was released on 25th June 2021. The track is part of her series entitled “Cycle” representing the various stages of the female cycle. “Lift Me Up” is the first video in a three-part video series, and is inspired by the ovulation stage, where one might feel at their most strong and sexy. As we grapple with recovering from a global pandemic, the song's lyrics are a call for community and collaboration - instead of competition. Praising vulnerability as a virtue, the lyrics 'Lift me up...as the world goes crazy,' call for solidarity amongst all of us. A dazzling melánge of funk, percussion, and signature synths. It's a summer anthem sure to get everyone on their feet.

The song has been gaining traction and has already been featured in Lola Mag, Rolling Stones India, Official Spotify playlists such as Fresh Finds GSA & various other European blogs, as well as been picked up by Swiss and European Radio stations (Srf3, GDS FM, RBB Fritz, Ego Fm and many more) .

Label:Mouthwatering Records
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records
Promotion:Mouthwatering Records,
Booking:Fuchsbau, (CH)