Talen — New York Book

The 2nd release by Switzerland based Talen. The NEW YORK BOOK continues where the 1st Release (KINGSTON BOOK) broke off. Four more compelling tales feat. ODDATEEE and SENSATIONAL with remixes by BIT-TUNER and AL HACA. The Vinyl 12" contains a Download Code.

A1 THE MORNING RUSH – AN ODDATEEE TALE (ORIGINAL VERSION) A dream beat for any MC. In THE MORNING RUSH, ODDATEEE (protégé of Dälek) gives vent to his feelings about the adversities of life. His very personal interpretation of a fat underground track. TALEN meets New York City at it's best!

A2 THE MORNING RUSH - AN ODDATEEE TALE ( BIT–TUNER REMIX) There are good reasons why BIT-TUNER is no longer a well-kept secret in the business. The versatile "beat-tinkerer" from Switzerland keeps bringing forth loads of fine material, and here he delivers a display of his signature sound and a visionary remix of THE MORNING RUSH: dark and funny at the same time, or rather "sweet and sour"?

B1 TRACK THIS – A SENSATIONAL TALE (ORIGINAL VERSION) Few manage to use their voice with an aura of reluctant cool as does this MC from New York. Many records with Spectre or Wordsound have proven again and again that SENSATIONAL still feels at home in the musical underground. But in that realm, he is the king. Dirty rhymes and dirty disco. So track this!

B2 TRACK THIS – A SENSATIONAL TALE ( AL HACA VERSION) The remix of TRACK THIS was authored by AL HACA. Their version is so carefully and affectionately reduced to the bare minimum, as if to remind us that sometimes less is indeed more. Or at least not less than more. Warm bass and an incredibly smooth sound!

Label:Mouthwatering Records
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records