True — Liberty (Ah Ah)

How do you follow up a debut album that was celebrated by critics, appeared on several “best of” lists and has garnered more than one million streams on Spotify?

That was the question Swiss Future R&B duo TRUE was facing after they finished their “Wrapped In Air” tour at the end of 2017. Singer Daniela Sarda sang with some of the biggest Swiss pop stars and moved from Zurich to the countryside, while Rico Baumann went on to produce albums for other bands until a bus drove over his laptop. Soon after, the two met again in the basement of a big office building in Berne. In the darkness of this cellar room, TRUE created their sunniest, most optimistic song to date.


“Liberty (Ah Ah)” feels like squinting against the first sun rays after a sweaty night in the club when you suddenly realize how easy everything could be: “The world needs a caress to fill the emptiness.” For a short moment, it seems like there’s no better answer to our time’s burning questions about purpose and identity, than singing the globally understandable words “ah ah ah ah” together, while tumbling into a new day and feeling truly free.


“Liberty (Ah Ah)” features TRUE’s live bassist Martina Berther and guitarist Michel Spahr and is released on Mouthwatering Records. The album “Made Of Glass” and new live dates will follow in autumn 2019.

Label:Mouthwatering Records
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records
Mouthwatering Records,
Booking:Le R., (World)