Len Sander — Phantom Garden

Time stops, it stretches and winds back on itself, and then the entire world undergoes spellbinding contortions in infinite shades of heart broken midnight blue – that's what it feels like to hear 'Phantom Garden' for the first time. This mesmeric, cinematic, dusky debut LP, by Swiss 6 piece Len Sander, was written and refined over a decade of the band's maturing. The outcome is a synth driven, heavily textured, harmonically sophisticated exercise in minimalism, infused with icy, haunting vocals of the soft spoken vocalist Mirjam Inauen. 'Phantom Garden' is poetry in motion. It's music written by a band of heart broken romantics, is an ode to the mercurial afflictions of heartache. It's also a layered body of work that reveals itself with repeat listening. 

The band suggests hearing this record uninterrupted, from beginning to end, and on a pair of good headphones. Best times to listen to it are at midnight, or during that magical, mystical moment right before dawn. 

Len Sander are Blanka Inauen (vocals), Simon Inauen (keys), Alessandro Hug (percussion, keys, electronics), Flavio Schönholzer (bass, electronics), Markus Brütsch (drums), Dennis Schärer (guitar)

Label:Len Sander
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records (World)
Distribution:Broken Silence (World)
Godbrain (Switzerland)
Promotion:Someone Great PR, (Radio, Germany)
initalslp, (Online, World)
Mouthwatering Records, (Switzerland)
Booking:Sector3 Live Handpicked, (Germany)
Rolamusic, (Austria)
Vertigo, (Italy)
Just Because, (Switzerland)