Pina Palau — Put It In Reverse

A trip to the hated hometown of an ex? Sends shivers down the spine! However, Swiss indie-folk discovery Pina Palau had to do just that. And she realized: It was the first time since the breakup that she couldn't care less.

Her new single 'Put It In Reverse' captures this feeling somewhere between an anthem of animosity and the joy of independence; all in the spirit of Adrienne Lenker, Julia Jacklin, or Boygenius. Once again, Mario Hänni (Sophie Hunger, Mnevis, Pablo Nouvelle) serves as the co-producer. Everything is adorned with the same DIY attitude that Pina Palau displayed in her Zurich kitchen while writing the album 'Illusion' (with "Jupi" alone amassing an impressive 740k plays and over 50 concerts in 2021/2022).

'Put It In Reverse' is more than just a breakup song - it's a call to leave the past behind, and with full throttle! So, roll down the window, step on the gas, sing out loud, cry, laugh, cry again, and then laugh some more. It's a high-five to independence, a song about the happy aspects of a breakup. Because it feels good to express anger freely and finally be liberated.

Label:Mouthwatering Records
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records
Promotion:Mouthwatering Records,
Booking:Young & Aspiring,
Oha Music, (Germany)