Ray Wilko — You And Me

"You And Me" is the first album Ray Wilko entirely pre-produced and recorded together with his band, existing of long time members Reg Fry (bass), Stoo Oversold (lead guitar), Tommy Knuckles (trumpet & keys) and new drummer Pit Lee. The album also features two compositions of lead guitarist Stoo Oversold ("Without The Sun" and "Escape") as well as a guest performance by singer Lesley Meguid. As this record is more band driven than any other Wilko release so far, the atmosphere is more consitant while Ray Wilkos love of writing in different styles is still very obvious. "Ask For More" goes pop, title song "You And Me" or "Somebody" are almost classic indie rock. And of course there are folkish and punky elements all over the place.

Publishing:Mouthwatering Records
Promotion:Mouthwatering Records,