Panteon — Travel Log 1

On Panteon - Travel Log I you are personally invited on an escapade across dimensions through the charmed soundscape curated by Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Yvonne Ambrée. Written, produced and performed by Ambrée, her debut EP is inspired by travels across Europe and The Americas, each composition serving as an ode to the experience of a specific locale. 

An accomplished vocalist, songwriter and musician Ambrée has traveled the world touring and working with a wide range of artists such as Sleigh Bells, Little Boots , Lulu Gainsbourg, Eli “Paperboy” Reed and legendary soul singers such as Syl Johnson, Ann Sexton and Gwen McCrae. She is also one half of the critically acclaimed duo Take Berlin (debut EP ‘Lionize’ named “Top 10 Ep’s of 2013” by The Huffington Post, UK).

Recorded in Berlin, Brooklyn (Crown Heights, Bunker Studios) as well as the legendary Sear Sound in Manhattan (John Lennon, David Bowie, Fleet Foxes etc.) Panteon’s impeccably composed folk-pop showcase masterful storytelling marked by striking melodies.  Mixed by Canadian producer Howie Beck (Feist, Jamie Lidell, Chilly Gonzales etc.) Ambrée’s sonic precision while building the EP is further aided by enlisting some of NY’s most notable session musicians including Snarky Puppy’s Jay Jennings on flugelhorn (“Ballyvaughan”) and bass player Grant Zubritsky (Chet Faker/Nick Murphy, MS MR) on “White Jaguar”. 

Panteon’s soundscapes are rich in texture as entrancing vocals blend seamlessly with warm elegant instrumentals; at times lush as the Colombian inland and other times stark as a wooded plain.

The six tracks -four songs and two interludes- weave narratives of identity and discovery; January Keeper began while walking over the Charles - Bridge in Prague and was recorded in Berlin while in temporary exile from the US.   White Jaguar is an ode to the Kogi of Colombia, an indigenous civilization, still living like 400 years ago that considers themselves as the guardians of the earth.. Ballyvaughan evokes the rugged natural terrain of western Ireland, rocky with the unyielding presence of the Atlantic Ocean. Finally, Hudson describes a life in isolation and rebellion in upstate NY. 

On Travel log I, Ambrée evokes the essence of a nostalgic troubadour, nomadic and generous as she shares stories. With her debut Ambrée implores the listener to let go of inhibition, embrace fear and take chances.  Each song leaves an indelible imprint, the longer glance, the feeling of a sunset - a haunting presence that lingers long after the first listen. 

Label:Pancake Assassin
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records
Promotion:Sinnbus, (Germany)
Tell All Your Friends, (USA)
Mouthwatering Records, (Switzerland)